5k coruse


Race day  Dec  13, 2020 -  Race start 8:30 am  

Start at Woodley park -1, head west through the tunnel walk way, when you exit the tunnel take a right, then another right (yes a big U-turn) onto the main bike path that runs along Woodley Ave, follow the paved bike path up to the 5k turn around sign, turn around and head back up the bike path to the finish line  

Wave Starts

How does a wave start work?

 Wave starts are designed to reduce race start congestion and improve your race day running experience. In a wave start, runners start in groups at 2 minute intervals. This way you can run with others who are similar in speed. A wave start will allow you plenty of space along the course, at the water stations and at the finish line, without affecting your chip time or the time you have to complete the race. On race day you will line up under / behind the banner that best fits your estimated running pace per mile, see chart.